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Helpful Hints

Some Helpful Hints :

(Please read before first use this information will help).

A lot of folks don't believe that an e-cig works as well as it does until they begin using one and come to see there is no longer a need to smoke analog cigarettes. This is a new smoking method by which you will no longer be classified as a smoker; you’re now a vapor in the e-cig community (smiles). It can be confusing at first until you do it for a while and learn what is normal and what is not.

I have taken the time to type an information sheet for all new e-cig users because, Don and I had to learn all the information on our own and it can be very confusing until you do it for awhile.

Hope the information below helps you!

The Black cone: (You can use the e-cig with or without the cone).

The black cone that screws down onto the battery over the customizer serves two purposes which are decoration and making the drawl harder.  

For the best vaping experience, you want to drawl on your new e-cig slower than a traditional analog cigarette.

(Note: If you are irritated from smoking analog cigarettes, you may want to use the cone to keep the  drawl not so hard until you adjust to the new vaping method. Some people experience coughing at first because the vape is moist as opposed to smoke. This moisture will interact with irritation from recent smoking and your body will need a short time to adjust. This usually only last a day or two for most individuals.

Cartomizers will be empty when you get your kit and you will need to fill them.

**Always keep your Atomizer/cartomizer moist via e-liquid. This is akin to a heating element, and must be kept wet else it will burn the element out.**
How to fill your Atomizer for the first time:

Take a toothpick or object like it and snap off the pointed end, remove the white rubber peace on the end of the cart with out the threads. You can fill the cartomizer on or off the battery, it doesn't matter as long as it is a manual battery because with a manual battery there is no entry way for the fluid to hard the battery internals.

Tilt the Cartomizer slightly to the side and drop 23-27 drops of fluid onto the filter while rotating it in a circular motion. The first fill will take longer so pause for small breaks every few drops to allow the e-liquid to absorb down into the filler. Topping off after the first refill will not take as long, and just uses another 2 to 3 drops.

(Note: Try not to drip fluid directly into the hole of the Cartomizer as it will leak out on the threaded end. No harm will be done to the manual e-cig if this happens but it can create a mess and the threads of the battery will need to be wiped via a paper towel, napkin or cloth.).

(Note: If you overfill your Cartomizer with to much e-liquid it will leak out the bottom or you may get e-liquid into your mouth when you drawl. This can be an unpleasant experience because it can taste nasty. If this happens clean with a cloth and drawl lightly until you have vaped off the excess e-liquid. At this time the cone can help you because it will make the drawl harder.

I know from my past experience the Atomizer can become really warm to touch and make you think something is wrong when its not. If it becomes excessively warm to touch, don't worry just back off smoking it for a few minutes and it will cool down. Then go back to vaping again. It also can become very warm when you take one hit after another for long periods without giving it a rest, and if its time to top the cartomizer with more e-liquid.

(Note: At first you may feel the need to vape a lot when coming off analog cigarettes because you’re switching one habit for a new one. Don’t worry you will likely decrease the amount of your vaping after several days or weeks. If not, it’s certainly better than smoking!).

You will vape you’re Cartomizer longer than an atomizer before it needs to be refilled. It holds more e-liquid than the Atomizers.

How to determine refill time

The way you know it’s time to refill is when the vapor production decreases to the point that you are no longer exhaling much vapor or you feel as if you’re not getting a good throat hit or you are getting a burnt taste. ( Be careful vaping until you get a burnt taste as you may blow out your atomizer or your cartomizer.)

How to determine it is time to start a new Cartomizer.

Your Atomizer will normally need replacement every two to four days depending on how much you vape. The way you know it’s time is when the vapor production decreases to the point that you are no longer exhaling vapor or you feel as if you’re not getting a good throat hit, the drawl get extremely hard or it just don't work at all and your battery is charged. The throat hit, vapor production and drawl will normally change and slowly diminish as time passes of the cartomizer being used. This is also learned as you use it. You will notice the changes and be able to judge what is normal and what isn't.
(Note: Sometimes this will also happen when your battery has been used all day and it hasn't blinked its dead yet. So to check it, change to a newly charged battery to check before you discards the Cartomizer.)

Cartomizer additional information

If you decide to switch your e-liquid flavor over to something new, keep in mind when you do this the old e-liquid flavor will remain in the catomizer until you have used enough of the new e-liquid to dilute and cover the old flavor taste. Sometimes this just won’t happen with really strong ones like menthol, cherry etc and it may not go completely away at all.
(Note: You can fill and use several different Cartomizers with different e-liquid flavors and cover them with the rubber caps to store them).

**Every now and then you may get a Cartomizer that will taste burnt from first use. The reason for this is because there is a factory primer on the heating element down in the cartomizer that prevents the heating element from rusting during storage and shipping. If this happens check the Cartomizer immediately and make sure it has plenty of e-liquid in it. If there is plenty of e-liquid keep vaping it and as you us the e-liquid and add new e-liquid the taste should go away. (Note: Time for the burnt taste to go away will vary per person and  use).**

Battery use and care:

****Always make sure you never activate the push button on your battery unless in proper use. It will drain the battery which may need to be recharged. This can cause you a problem if you are away from home with no charger. If there is no e-liquid in you Cartomizer you can burn it out  ...as it is a heating element that must be kept wet.

Your batteries will come per-charged so you can begin vaping with one and plug in the other battery and allow it to charge. Then switch out batteries and charge the previously used one.
(Note: On first use the first battery may not last as long until it has been fully charged. One battery should last about 6-12 hours per battery …. but this is only an estimate the time will depend on amount of vaping each individual does.

Always keep battery away from water.
Your USB can be used with any device with a USB port.


You may need to clean the ends of the batteries and the screw on end of the charger. Use alcohol and a cotton swab or anything that has a soft tip that will serve your cleaning method. (Note: After you use you e-cig for a while you will see a black build up around the threads and contact surface of these parts that may prevent good contact between the two parts that may interfere with charging  and battery function.


Some people experience dry mouth and throat at first but this should go away as it is irritation from smoking analog cigarettes. Drink water and this will help until it goes away.

My e-liquid is a PG/VG mix base which is known to create the best vaping experience. It also contains purified water, nicotine and flavors. All ingredients are USP approved for human consumption via foods, etc… and are in many products such as drinks and food products..

If you do research on these bases and find any negative information, do not believe everything that is said.  Keep researching and you will find the truth.( It is not antifreeze as stated by some to scare people and detour the from the product. After all, the less you buy analog cigarettes for five dollars a pack the less money goes into others pockets.). E-Cigs are a cheaper alternative to smoking. Also other countries like Europe have been using these products for years and do give their studies great reviews !

E-liquid does not contain the Tar and carcinogens of analog smoke.!!!!

For those who do have allergies to PG there is and alternative!!!! Don’t panic you can still vape you just have to get a  pure 100% VG e-liquid base. (Contact me and we will get you this product or point you into the right direction) .

More Information on PG.

Some people are allergic to one of the base fillers in the E-liquid (PG Base), if you are allergic to peanuts you may or may not have a reaction. This is only an indicator given by the e-cig community.  If you experience any unusual reaction such as those that are like an allergic reaction that does not go away, you might want to stop use and consider a VG based liquid.
If you decide to reduce your nicotine level, that choice is yours and yours only !

We do not and will not sell this product as a stop smoking device. Instead this product is sold as an alternative to smoking, but some do choose to bust their nicotine level down little by little until the are vaping a 0mg nicotine base.

Example-36mg,24mg,18mg, 12mg, 8mg, 4mg, 0mg.

If you decide to do this I can get the lower levels for you if I don’t have them in stock. I may have to special order it for you. This can may take me up to 14 days so let me know ahead of time.
We are also carrying e-cig chargers that plug into you cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Feel free to call me or come see me if needed, that’s what I am here for, and Happy Vaping!!!!!!!!!!!

Don and Marie Moran
D & M Vapes
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